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Color Technician 

Your Job: As the Color Technician, it is your job to gather information needed to solve Problem #2 being faced by the cast and crew of Annie, Jr. and use this information to propose a plan of action to solve this problem.

Problem #2- There are certain scenes in the play that require the stage to be lit by white light only. ALL of the white light bulbs in the stage lights have blown out.  The white light bulbs are very expensive and there is no money in the budget to purchase new bulbs. The only available replacement light bulbs are red, yellow, blue, purple, green, and orange. Is there some way to make white light using the available bulbs?

Background Questions: 
Using the resources provided, find the answers to the following questions:

What is an electromagnetic wave?
What are the components of white light?
What determines the color of an object?
What are the primary colors of light?
What happens when the primary colors of light are mixed in equal amounts?
How is mixing pigments different from mixing light? 

Use the "Color Technician Background Question Page" to record your answers to these questions as you complete your research.