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Audio Engineer

Your Job: As the Audio Engineer, it is your job to gather information needed to solve Problem #3 being faced by the cast and crew of Annie, Jr. and use this information to propose a plan of action to solve this problem.

Problem #3- The schools amplification system for the stage microphones suddenly stopped working.  A new amplification system would cost $5000 dollars.  Hiring a professional to come in and repair the system would cost $2000.  The budget cannot pay for either of these options.  Is there something you can do to design a "make-shift" amplification system so that the audience will be able to hear the actors' performing their lines on opening night?

Background Questions: 
Using the resources provided, find the answers to the following questions:

What is a mechanical wave? 
How are amplitude, frequency, and wavelength related to each other in relation to sound waves?
How do waves bend?
What is the law of reflection?
What makes some sounds louder than others?
How are sound intensity and loudness related?  
What factors determine the quality of a sound? 
How does your ear work to help you hear sound?

Use the "Audio Engineer Background Question Page" to record your answers to these questions as you complete your research.