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Exploring the Planets

The following activities are designed to help you learn more about our Solar System.  You will be gathering basic information about the objects in our Solar System, creating a business on your particular location in the Solar System, and creating a Travel Brochure to entice others to visit your location.

Activity One:  Solar System Data
You will be collecting some basic information about each of the planets in the solar system.  Using the Internet Sources provided, fill in the appropriate information for each of the planets on your Planet Data Collection Table.

Activity Two: Developing a Business
You will be assigned a particular location in our solar system.  You will need to develop a business that will be needed on your particular location.  You will need to create a slogan for your business, a business card, a drawing of the building in which your business will be located, and a written description of what your business does and why it is necessary for your particular location. 
Grading Criteria for your Business

Activity Three: Travel Brochure
You will use the research you collected in Activity One and the same location assigned to you for Activity Two to make a travel brochure of your particular location in the solar system.  The purpose of your travel brochure is to give the reader general information about your location, highlight the most notable features of your location, and interest the reader in wanting to visit your location.  Advertise your business created in Activity Two in your brochure. 
Grading Criteria for your Travel Brochure



Created by Carla Beasley
7th Grade Science Teacher
Julius West Middle School
last updated March 14, 2002